Pursuit of Happiness at all cost = Moral Breakdown

We have been bombarded, as a nation with scandals left to right. From over pricing of a government contract that results in major kickbacks for those in power, to sex scandals that involves betrayal, drug addiction and so on. Political killings, hatchet job, accusations here and there we don’t even know if we’re being run by human beings or animals who escaped from the wilds.

Yet, most of us seems reduced to accept all of these as normal occurrence in a nation that thrives on its dog eat dog mentality. The strongest survives, the weak gets crushed. Those doing the damage are just pursuing what makes them happy. Didn’t we teach our kids to pursue their dreams?

But, where does “pursuit of happiness” draw a line? I believe, like freedom it should have limitations and its not paramount. Many people have committed huge mistakes pursuing their own happiness yet along the way they ran over scores of people without remorse nor guilt. JUST to get on the top as what their parents taught them, as what society with all these endless blurb of advertisements about material things that suggests one should posses in order for them to look in the mirror and say “I’ve made it”.

"Made it" at what cost?

The Philippines prides itself as a Catholic nation, our birth as a nation, from gaining independence and becoming the first republic in Asia, everything was built with moral foundation, laws are meant to be equal for everyone.

But all that, does not matter anymore. We’ve reached a “moral breakdown” as a nation. In our earnest to chase material things, wealth, we thought is the fundamental recipe for happiness, we’ve taken down our values, hid it under the rug and become insensitive at all things evil happening around us.

And that includes myself.

Just ask yourself, you’re going for a job interview that will pay you well, you got one shot, just this scheduled interview and you passed by a man bleeding on the sidewalk.

Would you stop to help the man, or would you, just as I assume 98% would do, hope that someone gets to him rather than you as you dont want to ruin your schedule…because you’re on your pursuit of your own self gratification…the career, the high salary, the car, the house, the wide screen tv, the Mac laptop…i could go on and on like Mark Renton.

But hey, who will blame you? as long as you dont feel guilt, remorse and your conscience is not bothering you…the fuck with the others hey?

Problem is, do we recognize that its possible we don’t feel any guilt or remorse anymore?

Corruption, sex, drugs, murder, mayhem, breakdown of family values…Chip Tsao was being kind when he referred to us a “Nation of servants”. We’re the third most corrupt nation in the world. Third in any Olympics means a bronze medal.

We’re standing in the platform of shame. Yet we don’t give a damn, just because we had our own set of goals…our own pursuit of our own happiness, that whoever comes in our way will be pulverized as long as in the end its what gives us happiness.

disclaimer: I am, by no means a person who lives with moral rules. I wrote this because i feel strongly that I’M one of those having a moral breakdown.